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A long term partner to companies developing a sustainable path to growth.

Pluto & Partners

A long term partner to companies developing a sustainable path to growth

Linking capital with opportunities and executing transactions to create a more efficient and sustainable ecosystem in the Greek SME market.

Our deep understanding of the local market, our ability to provide independent advice from capital to execution of a transaction and our extensive network, makes us an invaluable long-term partner to our clients.


Tailor made sustainable investment solutions to match each investor’s portfolio criteria:

  • Deliver: Identify competitive financial returns in the Greek SME market
  • Match investors’ ESG requirements with high-growth opportunities around smaller owner controlled enterprises
  • Impact: Focus on measurable high impact investment solutions


Client-centered strategic advisory services delivering sustainable solutions for growth:

  • Match with the right investor
  • Structure capital in the form of debt and equity
  • Access to legal and accounting sources that are gear to the size of the business
"We bring together mission-driven companies with mission-aligned investors creating positive impact investments."

Maria K. Dimitrakopoulou

Managing Director

“I am very proud to be the founding partner of Pluto & Partners.

My early years in investment banking, after completing my degree in Boston gave me the opportunity to work on a number of significant transactions. During these formative years I had the chance to see and understand the important concept of value creation through close advisory work.

Upon returning to Greece, it became readily apparent that there was the lack of depth in our domestic advisory market. Of course the large corporates had coverage but beyond that there was very little available to the smaller more entrepreneurial business that make up the beating heart of Greek industry.

At Pluto & Partners we intend to fill that gap.

I have seen the untapped potential for the small and middle market in Greece. I have also seen the struggles that Greek SMEs face, and the lack of opportunities that exist for them as to show their true value growth potential.

That is the reason, I decided to fund Pluto & Partners. I am here to work with similar minded people, looking for long term growth opportunities.

I value above all relationships and strongly believe that these must be founded on a long term perspective of adding value both in good times and bad.

Pluto & Partners and I will be there when others won’t, a promise I make to all my clients.”